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Some time ago Jan published a series of real estate advice columns in the Fort Wayne newspapers. If you are considering a real estate transaction, you might find one or more of these columns contain valuable information. Check them out!

Meaningful Commitment! How can you tell if buyers are really committed?.
A Friend In Deed! Do you have a friend "in real estate?"
Put Family Ties To Work! Helping family members become home owners.
The Pricing Dilemma! What is a fair price for my home?
Bargaining In Good Faith! The earnest money deposit.
Don't Leave Home! Something to consider if selling "By Owner."
Beware of the Bargain Basement! Don't sacrifice to bargain hunters.
Comparison Shopping! The importance of first impressions.
Organize Your Home Purchase! Taking the right steps toward home purchase.
Expect A Wide Selection! Don't limit your choices when you shop for a home.
Turning Vacations into an Investment! Making your Vacation Pay.
Join A Working Partnership! Working together to sell your home.
Moving Along! Tips for a Smooth Move.
Remodeling: Explore Your Options First.
Easy sell: Wouldn't it be easy to sell my own home?
Credit Report: When was the last time you checked yours?

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