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We have MOVED to a new location! (9/20/2002)

Page on Jan's NASCAR driving experience (11/14/2001)

Condo Rental Page added (4/16/2001)

Florida Connection Page added (2/2/2001)

Special section for Home Buyers added (4/22/2000)

Additional Information on Fort Wayne added (4/18/2000)

Jan becomes a licensed Real Estate Broker in the State of Florida (4/13/2000)

Search Engine added (4/15/2000)

Seller Rapid Request Form Added (4/12/2000)

Web Site Feedback Form Added  (4/09/2000)

New national toll-free number added: 1-877-JANSANNER to contact page. (3/5/2000)

Jan adds the FREE use of her Moving Truck to her list of client services. (2/20/2000)

Article on Selling Your Own Home added to the Real Estate Help Column area. (02/13/2000)

Article on the your Credit Report added to the Real Estate Help Column area. (01/15/2000)

New Webmaster hired. (1/05/2000)

Florida Condo Rental Information Added (7/09/2002)

Added Lely Golf Resort Condo Information (5/12/2003)

Added the ability to search the Fort Wayne MLS for Homes. (11/14/03)

Added Free On-Line Mortgage Calculator (11/25/03)

Added SRES (Senior Real Estate Specialist) designation (11/3/04)

New Seller Services added (11/27)


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