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Designations - the Mark of a True Professional

You may have noticed that many professionals place letters after their names. What does this mean? In most cases it means that the person has received professional training above and beyond the minimum requirements for licensing and is interested in being a better service provider.
The real estate industry has become extremely complex. Knowledge and experience is required in the areas of real estate law, agency laws, seller disclosure, government regulations, finance, construction, tax law, corporate relocation policies, and more. Those who want to keep up with this rapidly changing industry have received "Graduate Level" training from accredited real estate organizations.
Jan Sanner has been the leader in this area, earning NINE professional designations; ABR, CRB, CRS, CRP, LTG, CRMS, CCPS, SRES, and E-PRO. What does that mean to you? The answer is simple, better service.

If you have need for professional real estate advice on any subject, please call me at
260-489-7024 or 1-800-395-9527.

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