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The Benefits

Of Working With The Jan Sanner Team To Buy A Home

Buying a home is a complicated business. Mistakes could literally cost you thousands of dollars or the missed opportunity of owning the home of your dreams. As a buyer, you are always in competition with all of the other buyers who are looking to buy your dream home. There is a vast difference in the level of expertise and quality of service provided by real estate agents. Give yourself the advantage of working with the Very Best ... work with The Jan Sanner Team and get these value-added services that will make a big difference for you!


Highly Trained Buyer Specialists
who focus on nothing else but finding a perfect home for you. They are not taken out of focus like many other real estate agents by listing properties, making brochures and following escrows. We have other specialists who do these things.

A Computerized Tracking System
that instantly alerts us about properties coming on the market that meet your needs. Through our highly sophisticated computer search system, We will constantly alert you to properties that meet your requirements as they hit the market and before most other real estate agents and buyers even know about them.

Expert Negotiation Skills
The Jan Sanner Team has helped 1900 families relocate. This level of success is a testimonial to the expertise and negotiating skills that give clients of The Jan Sanner Team a major advantage over buyers working with other agents.

A Highly Trained Team of Specialists,
each working together as a team to make sure that all of the important details are handled perfectly ...


Let The Jan Sanner Team guide You in The Right Direction

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